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Group Therapy

Group EMDR combines social connection and EMDR to create an effective and efficient growth and healing experience. 

Why choose EMDR group therapy?

The group EMDR experience brings the distinctive features of EMDR tailored to a group setting. Building meaningful relationships and engaging in supportive communities can be instrumental in growth and healing. It provides validation, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

EMDR itself is a highly effective psychotherapy. EMDR facilitates the processing and integration of distressing memories and experiences. With Group EMDR, one can experience the unique synergy of this evidence-based modality within a compassionate community setting.

EMDR Mindfulness

Connect to your inner resources. Develop mindfulness skills for managing stressors effectively within a supportive and validating group environment. This self-care experience provides a convenient and safe space of understanding, empathy, and encouragement to promote your sense of calm, connectedness, and resilience.

$45 per 90 minute session.

EMDR Healing

Harness the power of EMDR to identify and process recent overwhelming experiences.

*Pre-requisite: one class of EMDR Mindfulness or completion of a brief assessment prior to participation to confirm this experience is the best fit for what you are looking for.

$60 per 90 minute session

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